• The smartsense® fixed monitor SSFM-100 with its integrated controller functions as a black box storing critical information such as calibration record, Alarm History and Data Logging for post-accident investigation. 
  • The SSFM-100 is an all-in-one package and eliminates the need for complex cables connections and troublesome programming, out of the box the SSFM-100 is the most versatile and hassle free Atmospheric and Environmental System on the market.
  • The SSFM-100 system design has taken into account the requirements of the industry and placed on the security and features into a single compact design but still maintaining the main requirement of reliability / accuracy / low power consumption.
  • The SSFM-100 is supplied with three types of mounting brackets for the customer to use in order to install the smartsense® SSFM-100 in whatever particular situation might be required – Panel Mounting – Roof Bolt Mounting and Cable Mounting.

Cost Effective

  • Calibrating the SSFM-100 has never been easier with no need for complicated calibration cables and connections or complicated test devices. The process was simplified and only requires the basic understanding of calibration practices and the corresponding calibration gases. Entering the calibration menu function is password protected. Simple enter the calibration password and attach the calibration adapter and follow the screen prompts.
  • The SSFM-100 design with its versatility in available gas configurations allows for greater flexibility and significant reduction in costs ranging from cost of procurement thru to cost of ownership.
  • With the SSFM-100 all-in-one atmospheric and environmental system each SSFM-100 is a gas monitor / controller allowing for localized use or implementation into a system wide installation using industry standard communication protocols such as Modbus RTU and OPC Connectivity or for integration into legacy systems using 4-20mA.


  • The maintenance of the SFM-100 system is minimal outside the normal practice of calibration and preventative maintenance depending on the client’s needs these can range from monthly or quarterly inspections.
  • The SSFM-100 has an exceptionally long sensor life and can be extended by doing preventative maintenance and insuring the SSFM-100 sensor intake areas and cleaned and not obstructed.
  • Our watchdog feature will alert the user / maintenance staff of any system errors including when the system has detected inaccurate measurements or calibration errors both locally thru the maintenance LED and remotely on the Supervisory Platform.
  • Reliability that is what makes the smartsense® Atmospheric and Environmental System the right option for our customers that sees productivity and reliability as on in the same. The SSFM-100 throughout its implementation and operation is geared towards reliability and ease of installation and significantly reducing down time and installation time thereby significantly increasing productivity and maintaining system operation.