Leaky Feeder

All mines recognize the need for a reliable, robust and low maintenance communication system to enhance safety and production. The Becker Varis VHF leaky feeder system (smartcom) is world renowned for its reliability, robust performance and maintainability.

Becker Varis recognise that one size doesn’t fit all and that customer needs vary with the size of their mines and budgets.

Leveraging off the successful and original Smartcom RNG-AMP we now offer an option for all mines to access the world’s premium VHF Leaky Feeder system that also provides an upgrade path should you wish to enhance the system at a later stage.

Common platform - Voice and Data

Smartcom provides multiple simultaneous noise-free* voice and data radio channels, the robust and low maintenance VHF communication platform  ensures the lowest cost of  ownership on the market.

Narrowband radio modems can also be used to provide a 9600 bps fixed/mobile data connection over the entire coverage area of the Leaky  Feeder network

Leaky Feeder and Ethernet Communications System

The smartcom Ethernet system uses Varis’ proven smartcom amplifier and its 30 MHz bandwidth to provide high speed TCP/IP data transfer through Leaky Feeder. It utilizes industry standard cable modem technology to provide wired and wireless Ethernet applications such as computer networking, IP cameras, teleoperation and VoIP in underground hotspots for less than $1000.

Varis’ smartcom Leaky Feeder uses the latest technology to deliver 16 simultaneous noise-free* voice radio channels and a 54 Mbps downstream, 40.96 Mbps upstream Ethernet connection. Standard Ethernet equipment can now be hooked up to an inexpensive and simple to install and maintain network.

Local and Remote Diagnostics

smartcom has reliability built-in with Local and Remote Diagnostics and is backed by a limited two-year warranty. An example of remote diagnostics is below:

*no third-order intermodulation products with 16 simultaneous channels.

smartcom is available in two versions:

  • smartcom 150
  • smartcom 150IS for explosive atmospheres

All versions feature the same performance, voice range guarantee and limited two-year warranty.