• smartcom is the simplest Leaky Feeder system to install and maintain.
  • Local Diagnostics aids fault-finding and troubleshooting.
  • No Return Pilots are required, simplifying layout and expansion.
  • Easy to use, rugged terminal lugs – not connectors.
  • No add-on modules required for diagnostics or video.

Capacity and Range

  • smartcom has the highest capacity and range from cable:
  • 54 Mbps downlink, 40.96 Mbps uplink using standard cable modems.
  • 16 intermod-free radio channels, super-low intermodulation noise levels.
  • Written 30 meter radio coverage guarantee.
  • Accurate Automatic Gain Control (AGC) without Return Pilot noise buildup.

Cost Effective

  • Proven 500 meter amplifier spacing, with over 1000 km installed since 1997.
  • Power supplies can be spaced up to 8000 meters apart.
  • Two year limited warranty.
  • Ethernet, video, Local and Remote Diagnostics are built-in, not options.


  • Remote Diagnostics web server provides immediate notification of problems, pinpoints faults and provides confidence in the network.