Improved Safety

  • smartcom Leaky Feeder provides two-way communication underground which means constant contact with miners throughout the mine. smartcom also supports automated man-working–alone systems, integrated cap lamp radios and pagers. The technologically advanced high-gain, low-noise smartcom amplifiers enable superior, contiguous VHF radio coverage so that the message is sent and received loud and clear.
  • Ethernet over smartcom enables safety systems such as gas sensor, seismic and resource tracking systems to be installed quickly and easily.
  • smartcom IS is certified to Intrinsic Safety standards so it can be installed even in the most explosive areas of a coal mine.

Improved Productivity

  • Real time, two-way, push-to-talk voice communications is the proven technology for dispatching and team co-ordination. Only smartcom Leaky Feeder provides up to 16 VHF radio channels without intermodulation noise so channels can be allocated to groups which cuts down on radio chatter and improves channel access.
  • Remote diagnostics combined with local diagnostics enables faster troubleshooting which means technicians can be dispatched and sent directly to the problem area.
  • Ethernet over smartcom enables productivity enhancing tools like computer networking, Internet access, IP cameras, VoIP and resource tracking, all on a simple to install and maintain network that is familiar to mine personnel.
  • No third-order intermodulation products with 16 simultaneous channels

Reduced Costs

  • Any Leaky Feeder system can be converted to smartcom Ethernet at a fraction of the cost of installing fiber or twisted–pair networks.
  • Wired or wireless Ethernet over smartcom can be used to control fixed plant equipment, such as ventilation fans, saving energy and equipment wear. In areas where high speed data is required, simply install the smartcom Cable Modem and 802.11b/g Access Point to create a small hotspot.
  • Narrowband radio modems can be used to provide a 9600 bps fixed/mobile data connection over the entire coverage area of the Leaky Feeder network.
  • smartcom also supports CCTV video for applications where IP video is not suitable.