Improved Safety

  • Reduced misfires means reduced risk entering charged stopes. Two-way communication between the Controller and the Remote(s) confirms status before and after the blast has been initiated.
  • Initiate blasts from a safe distance underground or on surface. For example, you can initiate the blast from the refuge station after you have confirmed that everyone is safe and accounted for.


Improved Productivity

  • Eliminate production delays by reducing misfires.
  • More efficient secondary blasts. smartblast is completely portable so there is no delay in setting up secondary blasts.
  • Minimize ground stress. Initiate face blasts in any sequence.


Reduced Costs

  • No installation of additional infrastructure required. Hard-wired Central Blasting systems and VLF initiation systems are expensive to install and maintain. smartblast works in conjunction with a mine’s existing Leaky Feeder system so payback can be measured in weeks, not months.
  • Run less blasting wire. Because smartblast works in conjunction with existing Leaky Feeder, the blasting wire is only run from the face to the Remote, which is placed within radio distance to the Leaky Feeder.