Becker Mining Systems AG Russian subsidiaries’ attended a very successful UGOL & MINING 2014 , 3rd-6th of June, Novokuznetsk , Russia. Becker Mining Systems Transport GmbH and Becker Mining Systems Sibir GmbH shared an outside booth in which they exhibited:

Underground Transportation solutions, Switchgear Technology, Underground Mine Automation, Communication Technology, Plus many other products from the Becker portfolio.

 Participation in the exhibition "Ugol Rossii & Mining" plays a big role in every successful company looking to strengthen its position in the Russian mining equipment market. General Director of " Becker Mining Systems  Transport" Nadja Grosse said: "Participation in this event is very important for our company, it's a great opportunity to communicate with managers and the leading specialists of the coal companies, as well as gain more information about the current market situation. We are really proud of the fact that we have a direct relationship to one of the most honorable professions in Russia. We will always support our industry and ensure them high quality, safe and reliable equipment".