On September 11th in Kemerovo a title match APB for participation in the Olympics 2016 took place.  Main favourites for the title were the Russian sportsman Misha Aloyan and the Mexican Elias Emigdio.  


The company BMS RUS became a general sponsor of this event; the representative of the company answered the questions about this event as well as the role of sports event in business.


The speaker of Becker Mining Systems RUS, LLC - Alexander Skvortsov, Head of Technical Support of Sales:


Please share your impressions from the today’s event; do you believe in the success of our boxer?

The event is absolutely fantastic, the atmosphere itself inspires greatly. We support our sportsman and believe in his success. Everybody knows that it‘s Kemerovo region where Misha Aloyan began his way to elite sport, this is why, as the old saying goes, even the walls at home are his friends, not only we supporters.   


In your opinion, which role does business play in the organization of such an important sports event under the conditions of latest sanctions?


During this year a lot of attention has been paid from the Government and the Governor Aman Tuleev to the issues of import substitution and the development of regional industrial infrastructure.  This is a new milestone in the development of our country, the opportunity for maximum effective usage of foreign and own best practices, for creation of new working positions. At this time our company, Becker Mining Systems RUS, being the only representative of German Becker group on the territory of Russia and CIS, is actively developing its production assets. We already have all necessary stands, documents and equipment for production, repair and service of own equipment. We produce a wide range of products and components for coal producing companies not only of Kuzbass but CIS countries. The most important task for Becker Mining Systems RUS today is opening of a test area for testing of transport equipment and production of diesel locomotives by own efforts with the use of Russian production works but with German quality.

We have a lot of opportunities and ideas for the development of the market and we will be using them  hundred-per-cent. This is why one should not refer to sanctions as isolation. Russia is still an open and friendly country and this event is an additional confirmation for it. We are glad to see the representatives of all the countries! Sports events have been uniting people for many years and giving live emotions and a lot of positive   energy. Today the stadium is full of people, posters are filled with partners‘ logos. Business does not rest on its laurels, companies are building new communication, looking for new ways of cooperation, just as our company, Becker Mining Systems RUS. Sport has been a historic way of communication since the first Olympics, when even wars were stopped.