In order to provide a convenient support system for customers as well as to provide complex solutions in the field of transport systems, automation, energy supply and energy distribution, communication systems, data transmission systems and powered roof support supply, in May 2014 the general owner of Becker Group of Companies decided to merge the two subsidiaries acting on the territories of the Russian Federation:  

Becker Mining Transport Systems LLC (BM-TS) and

Becker Mining Systems Siberia LLC (BMS-S).

From 10.12.2014 on the territories of Russia the interests of the concern have been represented by Becker Mining Systems RUS LLC (BMS RUS LLC).

This updated strategy of Becker Group of Companies shows great results and allows to satisfy the needs of leading mining companies around the world providing complex approach in the field of supplies, information and technical support, services and production.

Powers and responsibility for conduction of business on the Russian market were given to Director General of Becker Mining Systems RUS LLC Nadezhda Borisovna Grosse with exclusive right to represent interests on the territory of Russia and  CIS.

Execution of projects of Becker Group of Companies is realized exclusively with BMS RUS LLC.


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