The Company

From Germany to the Rest of the World

Becker Mining Systems is a system supplier for mining infrastructure with its headquarters in Friedrichsthal. With 1.800 employees in every essential mining region, the company, which is completely family-owned, sells its products to the leading mining companies of the world. In addition to Germany, Becker Mining Systems is also represented by its own subsidiaries in France, Poland, Russia, China, South Africa, Australia, the United States, Canada and Chile. Since the middle of the 1980s, Becker Mining Systems has followed a consistent internationalisation strategy and thus countered the receding mining market in its home country.

Becker Mining Systems is the only worldwide supplier of complete energy, automation, communication and transportation infrastructure for the mining industry. It is one of the technology leaders in its markets. The products can be used in all mining operations and fulfill even the highest demands for use in explosive atmospheres.

The Products

System Supplier for Mining

The products of Becker Mining Systems provide solutions for higher efficiency and safety in to the mining sector. They are divided into two segments - Electrical and Mechanical.

The segment Electrical consists of the three product divisions energy distribution, automation and communication.
A safe, flexible supply of energy underground is absolutely necessary in mining. Becker Mining Systems offers complete, tailor-made energy infrastructure solutions that yield maximum output even under the most difficult conditions. The products in the area of energy distribution include transformers and switchgear that can be handled flexibly and quickly due to a modular technology developed by Becker.

In the area of automation, the company offers flexible solutions that guarantee the comprehensive control and monitoring of all work processes at all levels of a modern mine and thus, at the same time, the greatest efficiency with more safety. Even in case of widely branched networks and under extremely difficult ambient conditions, the automation products of Becker Mining Systems guarantee a problem-free flow of information between the individual plants, machines and equipment.

An important area of growth is communication. Mobile radio solutions enable uninterrupted communication throughout the entire mine. These solutions are used not only for voice transmissions, but also to transmit data and video signals underground and the main mine control station above ground. In addition, the radio products of Becker mining Systems provide for greater operating safety in mines: by means of these products, the location of men and machines can be clearly determined. This way, collisions can be avoided and rescue measures initiated quickly and specifically in case of emergency.

The second segment is Mechanical. Transportation and Roof support are counted among this segment.
Since the founding of the company in 1964, Becker Mining Systems has been developing transportation systems for men and material underground. Both individual solutions and complete systems transport men, material and equipment quickly and reliably, even to the most remote parts of the mine. The systems of Becker are characterised by the fact that they can transport heavy loads at high speed even on strongly inclined routes. The product portfolio ranges from traprail, floor-mounted and overhead monorails to chair lifts and conveying systems.
In the expansion of underground mining, safety plays an important role, too. The company produces support systems for safe face and roadway expansion. The developed hydraulic shields and mechanical support systems which are sold in the Polish and South African market secure faces and roadways during and after excavation.