The Company

Becker Varis is dedicated to the development and application of effective communications in mining and tunnelling. Its success is a result of industry leading advancements in communication, automation and global service capabilities.

Our mission is to enable our customers to communicate effectively and reliably with their personnel, equipment or goods.

Established in 1997, Becker Varis is internationally recognized for its quality and smartcom leaky feeder product which is the system of choice in most mining and tunnel markets across the globe. Our commitment to continual improvement means that the smartcom leaky feeder system leads the industry in capacity, maintainability and cost.

With our experienced team of engineers and software specialists, Becker Varis has also become known as the provider of choice for consultancy and turnkey solutions.

Becker Varis continues to enhance our customers safety and productivity around the world through ground breaking development in the field of communication, tagging and tracking, collision avoidance, environmental monitoring and remote blasting.

  • smartcom      Leaky Feeder and Ethernet Communications Systems
  • smartblast     Remote Firing Device
  • smartsense    Environmental Monitoring